The rise of video game’s popularity and its prominence

With the popularity of video games in recent years, it has become a staple part of the entertainment industry as video games have evolved to become more complex with its equally complex but astounding graphics and storytelling. It also gave a platform for some series like The Witcher and Star Wars to have their lore expanded upon. Video games are also becoming more mechanically complex too as it puts the skills and knowledge of the players into test if they wish to prove themselves better than others. Most competitive games today have a game mode called ranked which allows competitive players to receive a rank and place them based on their skills and how often they win throughout their career. Every game has their own unique way of ranking their players with only less than 10% of the players ranked the highest in their community. This eventually leads to the creation of esports tournaments which has led to many players to aim even higher to show their worth to the world. 

The tournaments, like sports, would annually hold major and minor tournaments depending on the occasion with teams competing against each other and earning the grand prize. However, what sets them apart from sports is how accessible some of these game tournaments are. For example, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and DOTA 2 are free games that can be downloaded on almost any computer that supports their graphics. Additionally, these games require a lesser amount of team members depending on the games they are competing for which allows the community to remember the members easier than remembering every member of a football team. However, players who wish to qualify themselves into tournaments must have a reputable career in order to be hired by competitive teams or have their team win in a local tournament to build up their reputation. 

In some countries, there are some video games tournaments that would be held locally because of how popular it is in certain countries. For example, soccer is a popular sport in Malaysia so tournaments for the latest FIFA game would be held in a small scale indoors to attract soccer fans to participate. That is why we see tournaments like EVO, Starcraft II World Championship and Call of Duty Championship have major tournaments annually overseas due to amassing a major following in their early stages of life after their development. As esports are becoming more common, it made its way to have its own spotlight in the Olympics in the near future although as a side activity. This could help the general public to be more aware about the prominence of video games in general and change their opinions on video games.

In the future, video games will become more advanced than it is as virtual reality games are becoming more popular. With augmented reality becoming realized soon, video games will transcend their players’ experience. Video games will also become a prominent remedy to temporarily treat mental illnesses to prevent patients from suffering depression and stress.

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