Top 3 Open World Games to Lose Yourself In

Do you love open world games? Are you looking for the best open world games to play? Or are you feeling bored while you are stuck at home during lockdown and have no idea which games to play? Well, look no further as this article will help you find the best open world games to spend your increased free time in. The ongoing global pandemic continues to spread across the world infecting and killing people. This has caused almost all governments to issue laws to keep people inside their homes through lockdowns. Instead of sitting around, waiting and wondering when the lockdown will end, spend your free time on some open world games instead.

Open world games first started out as sandbox games. With some of the earliest examples of these games being Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas among other games of the same genre. Over time the map and world sizes of these sandbox games grew to massive sizes. These games could no longer be classified as sandbox games anymore so people came up with a new term for these games. Open World video games. Eventually these video game sizes went from being a few gigabytes in size to requiring tens of gigabytes of hard disk space. Some of these video games needed more than 100 gigabytes of hard disk space!

Every so often, a video game developer or publisher releases a new open world game. With these games being the trend in gaming right now, there is no shortage of these types of video games. You can buy more than the three we listed here if you like! Instead of staying at home wondering and waiting for the global pandemic to end, kick back, turn on your console and pc, take a break from working on your best mlm software company and get ready to immerse yourself in sprawling open world environments just waiting for you to explore them.

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5

The Grand Theft Auto series has become a staple in gaming as the game where you are free to shoot everyone and steal their cars (until the police kills you) for many years. Sure, their latest installment might have come out nearly 8 years ago in 2013, but people are still playing this game to this very day. Whether it’s for the amazing single player campaign, or the continuously updating multiplayer mode, GTA: Online, millions of people still play this game and it’s not hard to see why. By earning a billion dollars in just 3 days of its release, this game continues to be ported to the newer generations of consoles and PC. 

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Developed and published by the same people who made Grand Theft Auto 5, comes a great open world cowboy simulator, Red Dead Redemption 2. This game is not a sequel to the first Red Dead Redemption but a prequel instead. It tells the story of Arthur Morgan and his journey with the Van Der Linde gang with the events in the end leading up to the first events of the first Red Dead game. Praised for its realism and breathtaking graphics, this game is a beautiful one to add into your list of games to play. With over 60 hours of content, this game will get you hooked for a good while. There’s also a multiplayer feature called Red Dead Online if you’re into multiplayer.

  1. Minecraft

If you’re looking for a chill, simple, building and exploring experience, you’re looking for Minecraft. This simple, relaxing video game came out in 2009 with an alpha that eventually popped into popularity in 2011 with their beta. YouTubers like PewDiePie popularized the game by making videos on YouTube so millions of people started playing Minecraft and enjoying the game. When Microsoft acquired the developer Mojang in 2014, the game soared to even higher popularity. People enjoy this game playing with friends to build whatever they want and some just enjoy the single player survival experience. For more articles related to this one, click here.